2012-13 Finances


Stephanie Long

222 Sea Bridge Way

Alameda, Ca. 94502


All checks should be written to Alameda PTAC  sent to Stephanie. All questions should be directed to Stephanie. Please send summer 2012 audits electronically to the Alameda PTAC Auditor (Christine Strena) and copy the PTAC Treasurer (Stephanie Long) and PTAC President (Tom Lynch).

Please send all per cap remittance to Stephanie and attached the Unit per cap spreadsheet with the remittance.  Click here for the Unit per cap spreadsheet.

Insurance/Workers' Comp 2012-2013:

Units: $199

Submit before 11/18 to Council along with Workers Comp from.  Click here if you need a copy of the workers comp form.

Important: All PTAs must file tax returns. See the Tax Information section for more details on filing your tax return.

For additional Financial Info, please go to the Peralta PTA web site,  http://www.peraltadistrictpta.org/finances

Posted below is the approved 2012-2013 PTAC Budget.