Peralta District PTA Reflections Celebration at Ruby Bridges

Post date: Jan 09, 2011 12:42:33 AM

The Peralta District PTA Reflection Programs Recognition Ceremony was held today at Ruby Bridges Elementary School. The PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students, with a goal of participation and appreciation for the arts. This National program provides opportunities for students to express themselves creatively, often as a supplement to the Creative Arts curriculum in their schools.


Max Haber, Alameda PTA Council

Visual Arts Honorable Mention, Middle/Junior Devision



Alameda Students recognized today are:

Harrison DeCourcy, Primary Division (K-2nd grade), Literature

Kerragan Ro, Intermediate Division (3rd-5th grade), Literature

Amanda Gee, Senior Division (9th-12th grade), Literature

Shino Kawau, Primary Division  (K-2nd grade), Musical Composition

Aleen Phelps, Intermediate Division (3rd-5th grade), Musical Composition

Ron Desmond, Senior Division (9th-12th grade), Musical Composition

*Marcella Welter, Primary Division (K-2nd grade), Film Production

Cole Harris, Intermediate Division (3rd-5th grade), Film Production

Varsha Ramakkrish, Middle/Junior Division (6th-8th grade) Film Production

Serena Goti, Primary Division (K-2nd grade), Photography

Juliana Holmes, Intermediate Division (3rd-5th grade), Photography

Janne Bruhns, Middle/Junior Division (6th-8th grade) Photography

Emma Ramsey, Primary Division (K-2nd grade), Visual Arts

Sharon Yamazaki, Intermediate Division (3rd-5th grade), Visual Arts

Max Haber, Middle/Junior Division (6th-8th grade) Visual Arts

*Ava McCracken, Primary Division (K-2nd grade), Dance Choreography

Sophia Snyder-Aguigui, Intermediate Division (3rd-5th grade), Dance Choreography


Congratulations to Marcella Welter & Ava McCraken who's Reflections  art work is going onto the California’s State PTA level!