Reflections Program

Share your art for the National PTA Reflections program

What is Reflections?
Reflections is an art program run by the National PTA, providing opportunities for recognition and access to the arts which boost student confidence and success in the arts and in life. Students submit original artwork, interpreting this year’s theme, in these six categories: 

Local PTA’s choose a selection of artwork to possibly advance to the district, state, and national level. For more information, please visit the California State PTA Reflections website, and the National PTA Reflections website.

What is the theme this year?
The theme this year is “I am Hopeful Because…”. All art must be original and relate to the theme. Don’t forget this! It is very important that your art has a unique title and relates to the theme. 

How can I submit my artwork?
Everything is virtual! All artwork and supporting information will be uploaded through a Google Entry Form. Use the links below for your school:

Art that is already digital can be directly uploaded. All other original pieces should be digitized by taking a good quality photo of it. Although judging at the school and district level will be virtual, be sure to to hold onto your original artwork (don’t throw it away) in case it advances to the State and National level! Before you submit, make sure that you have a solid Artist Statement, your interpretation of this theme is an important part of judging. Here is a worksheet to help you complete the Artist Statement portion of the Student Entry Form. 

Do not use the school email addresses when filling out the Form. We won’t be able to contact you through this email, please use another email, not supplied by the school. Upload your artwork, be sure to scroll down and hit SUBMIT, and you’re done! You can also enter more than once, as long as it is in a different category.

Note: Be sure to check your email when you are done to make sure you get your confirmation email. If you clicked “Submit” but didn’t get a confirmation email, please resubmit. District ( emails cannot be used with the Google Forms.

Who can participate?
Any Alameda public school student, K-8. 

What are the rules for entry?
Students can enter in more than one category. Artwork must be original and created for the purpose of this program and this year’s theme. Only one student may create the work and be recognized as the award recipient. Please, artwork must be made by the student. (Parents may help digitize the art, for example:  scanning or taking a photo of a painting done by the student.) 

This site has very useful guidelines for the rules for each category. Click on each individual category to download the list of rules. Don’t forget: it is important to relate your original art to this year’s theme. 

How can I suggest a theme for future Reflections?
Help us pick the theme idea that will spark fun and creativity during the 2025—2026 Reflections program! California State PTA will submit five student-created themes to National PTA for review and consideration. To participate, please submit your theme idea online by November 1, 2023.


For all questions, please email us at