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AB 174

Public Scholl Health Care Centers

AB 182

Bonds: School/Community College Districts

AB 256

Pupil: Suspension/Explusion with Bullying

AB 375

School Employees: Dismissal or Suspension

AB 420

Pupil Disipline: Suspensions: Willful Defiance

AB 484

Pupil Assessments: CalMAPP21

AB 1266

Pupil: Transgender Rights in School Activities

SB 5

Teacher Credentialing

SB 173

Ed Funding: Adult Health and Safety Ed

SB 247

Pupil Assessment: Grade Levels Assessed

SB 330

Pupil Instruction: Mental Health Instruction

SB 344

Schools: Parental Rep in Fiscal Decisions

SB 744

Pupils: Involuntary Transfer: Schools

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